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Propolis offers an array of benefits for many ailments and is one of nature’s richest sources of bioflavonoids for immune support.

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Cuts and burns

Propolis has several properties which make it a useful ingredient in creams and ointments designed to treat cuts and burns. Propolis has natural anti-inflamatory properties, when applied to the skin this could help the body repair itself.

Propolis is also a natural antisceptic and has antibacterial properties, making it suitable for applying to damaged skin where the risk of infection is high. Our range of propolis products includes a propolis cream which feels great and offers various therapuetic properties.

Propolis Helps Your Body Heal & Prevents Infection
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GFL, BeeVital’s Quality Guarantee

One of the big challenges consumers face when shopping for propolis supplements is a lack of standardisation. With our Guaranteed Flavonoid Level (GFL) standard, BeeVital aims to solve this problem. Flavonoids are the key component of propolis. Plant and tree resins are packed with flavonoids, which are naturally o…

GFL, BeeVital's Quality Guarantee
Propolis is a Natural Antibiotic
Is Propolis a Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicines come in variety of forms. When we think about medicines in general we often imagine a liquid or tablet that we consume, or something we apply to our skin like a cream or balm. Many herbal medicines come in these forms too. Herbal medicines can be a concentrated herbal extract, in the form of a tinctur…

Is Propolis a Herbal Medicine?
Propolis Tincture as First Aid

When we cut ourselves, our first port of call is usually the first aid kit. You know the routine. A good rinse with plenty of clean water, applying some antiseptic cream and then a plaster to keep the wound free from infection as it heals. But did you know that propolis can be used as a highly effective first aid …

Propolis Tincture as First Aid
5 Benefits of Taking Propolis

The benefits of taking propolis are well documented. Once considered a folk medicine, propolis has become a mainstream natural remedy. It is particularly popular in Brazil and South East Asia, where it is widely known as a food supplement. Propolis is becoming increasingly popular in other countries and regions - part…

5 Benefits of Taking Propolis
Natural Skincare with Propolis

We all know how important it is to eat a healthy diet. The food we consume has a direct impact on our health - as well as our general sense of wellbeing. We know we should avoid heavily processed foods, and that a diet which includes a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy fats and protein is best. The same goes …

Natural Skincare with Propolis
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