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21st century natural medicine

BeeVital are world-leaders in the development of propolis-based health supplements, supported by the latest scientific research.

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Made in Whitby United Kingdom

Propolis Tincture
Enjoy life and value good health

Propolis supports the body's natural immune system. Take it as a regular supplement, or apply topically directly to the skin.

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Our CEO, James Fearnley, is a leading expert in propolis.

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Nature’s pharmacist

The honey bee is nature’s pharmacist, turning plant chemicals into powerful compounds that can help maintain a strong immune system.


Produced by the honey bee as a natural defense for the beehive, propolis is an astounding material.

Comprised of hundreds of chemical compounds, propolis provides all kinds of benefits for bees - and for humans too!


Bees collect pollen from plants which is then taken back to the hive and stored. Eating pollen can support the body's natural immune defenses.


Honey is known as a delicacy the world over. Our range of pollen and propolis honeys combine various bee products for maximum benefit.

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Modern scientific techniques, cutting-edge health products

We believe in the power of nature and use modern scientific techniques to develop cutting-edge health products. But don’t just take our word for it, why not take a look at the research yourself.

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We Undertake Extensive Research Ourselves and Work with Leading Universities
James Fearnley, CEO of BeeVital

What exactly is propolis?

Propolis is composed of resin and wax, combined with essential oils and enzymes. It is produced by honey bees as a natural defense for the hive - guarding against bacterial infection.

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How does propolis work?

Propolis is not like a modern pharmaceutical drug. It works by supporting and strengthening the body's natural immune system - helping the body defend itself and repair damage.

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Propolis: Natural Immune Support

As the weather turns colder we become more susceptible to winter colds and viruses. There are lots of natural ways to support your body's immune system. A healthy diet, sleeping well and getting some exercise are all great ways to help your body stay healthy. But what else can you do, if you need a bit more of a bo…

Propolis: Natural Immune Support
Natural Propolis & Propolis Tincture
Healing from the Hive?

Propolis, the resin-like substance coating a beehive’s surfaces, has long been known to have antiviral and antibacterial properties. As the world battles Covid and antibiotic resistance, expert James Fearnley says new research into propolis shows it may be even more effective against these than previously thought. …

Healing from the Hive?
Natural Cough and Cold Remedies

The season of runny noses and tickly coughs is well and truly upon us. Coughs and colds are more common in winter not because of the weather but because we spend more time indoors and in close proximity to other people. This increases the chance of being infected with some kind of bacteria or virus. We've all been …

Natural Cough and Cold Remedies
Young lady with a cold
Natural Ways to Support Your Immune System through the Winter

As the weather gets colder and the nights draw in it's natural for us to shelter from the elements by staying indoors. Experts say that as a consequence we're more likely to pick up a virus like a cold or flu from those we spend time with. This is primarily because our homes are not as well ventilated through the the …

Natural Ways to Support Your Immune System through the Winter
Propolis: The answer to antibiotic resistance?

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) have recently published data which shows a reduction in antibiotic-resistant bloodstream infections. But they warn that this drop is likely to be temporary, the result of reduced social mixing and enhanced hand hygiene due to the COVID pandemic. A company in Yorkshire think they'v…

Propolis: The answer to antibiotic resistance?