Biological activities of odontologic gel containing extract from Alagoas red propolis

The Extract from Alagoas Red Propolis (EARP) is obtained through maceration. After the first extraction of propolis in natura, there is a residue from the extraction of propolis called Alagoas red propolis residue (ARPR). However, this raw material is not used in the industry. The objective of this work was developed an Odontologic Gel containing the Extract from Alagoas Red Propolis Residue (EARPR) and evaluate its biological activities. A sample of ARPR was used in the research and it was incorporated into an odontologic gel (GEL-EARPR). Tests for antioxidant activity were performed using the DPPH method. The identification was carried out using HPLC-DAD - Shimadzu®. The cytotoxicity, cell viability and degree of apoptosis assay was performed on peripheral blood lymphocytes using the ApoTox-Glo™ Triplex method. In the results was observed that ARPR did not show cytotoxic activity in lymphocytes in vitro. HPLC-DAD demonstrated that ARPR present similar chemical composition EARP. This result suggests that EARPR may be useful in the industry for the development of medicines. The present invention shows the possible uses of EARPR in the dental field with antioxidant activity, low cytotoxicity and low degree of apoptosis in human peripheral blood lymphocytes, activity against infections, inflammations and neoplasms.
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