Comparative study on bee propolis from different continents

Beekeeping is carried out in different world continent, in which bee products getting high market value. Bee propolis is quiet ignored by the people but has wide application in healthcare system. Propolis has been attracting the attention of researchers for over five decades, due to its wide range of valuable pharmacological activity and potential for prevention & treatment of numerous diseases. Appropriate methods should be developed further for in depth studies of this aspect of propolis function. Many researchers have demonstrated that Bee propolis has cured bacterial, fungal, parasitic, protozoal, viral, diabetic, renal failure, alzheimer, cancerous diseases. If these kind of bulk of chemical constituents administered to the patient then recovery rate will be fast as compared to allopathic medicine. Propolis has a potential to be applied in food system. Propolis contains different neutraceutical chemical constituents which are actually important for human beings to keep themselves healthy. Such a natural honey bee product proves itself as a useful to humans so it can be included in regular diet. Propolis is able to be include in USFDA GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) databases. so I want to tell more about the bee’s habitat in many world regions & also the physical, chemical & pharmacological activities of propolis found in that region.
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