Preliminary studies of Preparation and Characterization of Greenish-brown propolis and its microcapsules from Alagoas-Brazil

The present work prepared and characterized microcapsules loaded with greenish-brown propolis extract from Alagoas-Brazil using analytical methods: UV-vis, UFLC-DAD-UV, FTIR, SEM, Thermal Analysis, total flavonoids and phenols content, antioxidant activity and antibacterial. The greenish-brown propolis extract and its microcapsules presented total flavonoid content of 5.15% and 1.13%, total phenols of 14.16 and 4.81% in terms of gallic acid, total phenols of 16 .53% and 6.00% in terms of catechin, antioxidant activity with IC50 values of 13.77 µg/mL and 60.80 µg/mL, respectively. Ultra-performance liquid chromatography (UFLC-DAD-UV-Vis) identified presence of chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, ferulic acid, p-coumaric acid, naringenin, luteolin and kaempferol. The SEM and FTIR data showed encapsulation of the phenolic compounds of the greenish-brown propolis from Alagoas and the thermal analysis showed the stability of the studied extracts. The dichloromethane fractions of the greenish-brown propolis extract and its microcapsules showed greater antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 33591) compared to Providencia rettgeri (ATCC 29944). Dissolution studies also showed interaction of flavonoids from microcapsules with the excipients used in the preparation of solid compositions. This work demonstrates the potential and biological properties of greenish-brown propolis from Alagoas and changes in strategies necessary for spray-dryer solid products of greenish-brown propolis from Alagoas.
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