Propolis in the treatment of diabetes

60 patients with hyperglycemia were randomly divided into the control group of the experimental group and 30 cases in each group. During the observation period, the original type and dosage of hypoglycemic drugs were unchanged. The trial group was added with the propolis soft capsule (propolis liquid), and the control group was given with the placebo. One month later, the results showed that the propolis soft capsule (propolis liquid) had the effect of lowering blood sugar, and the fasting blood sugar decreased by 1.54 ± 1.63mmol/l, blood glucose decreased 0.92±2.43mmol/L after meal ,20 cases were effective .The total effective rate was 66.67%; The results showed that the blood glucose of the control group was not significantly decreased, among which 10 cases were effective, the total effective rate was 33.33%. The difference between the two groups was significant. The clinical test indexes of hemoglobin, red blood cells, white blood cells, serum total protein, albumin, glutamine, glutamic transaminase, urea, inosine and urine routine before and after the trial were all in the normal range, It shows that the propolis soft capsule (propolis liquid) we have produced has no obvious adverse effect on the health of the dieters.
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