BeeVital Propolis Toothpaste

BeeVital Propolis Toothpaste

BeeVital are world-leaders in the development of propolis based products. James Fearnley, CEO of BeeVital, has been researching the medicinal properties of propolis for over 30 years and has published two key works in English: Bee Propolis – Natural Healing from the Hive and Propolis in Oral Healthcare  co-authored  with leading UK dentists Dr Philip Wander and Dr Munir Ravalia. He has contributed to over 30 peer review scientific papers about propolis. BeeVital Propolis Toothpaste has been reformulated, offering even greater oral health benefits.

Dr. Shankar Katekhaye, BeeVital’s Director of Research and Quality holds a doctorate in Phytochemistry & Pharmacognosy. Shankar undertakes research into the biological activity of propolis and manages BeeVital’s quality control system. Shankar has been responsible for developing the company’s in-house laboratory which now offers analytical services and contract research in the field of apiceuticals.

Delivering quality medicine is at the heart or Shankar’s ethos, bringing together traditional knowledge and cutting-edge research. Shankar has been instrumental in taking forward product development in apiceuticals (medicines from the beehive) and also products combining the power of apiceuticals with herbal ingredients.

BeeVital Launch Exciting New Propolis Toothpaste

As part of BeeVital’s propolis based oral health care range, Dr. Katekhaye has developed BeeVital’s exciting new toothpaste formulation with a range of natural ingredients to support and enhance tooth and mouth health.

The new formulation includes water soluble propolis, known for its many beneficial properties including antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and immune boosting properties. Other ingredients such as myrrh have anti-microbial qualities and vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, inactivating harmful oral bacteria.

Lemon essential oil adds a fresh taste and acts an astringent and tonic.

Development of Innovative Evidenced-Based Oral Health Products

BeeVital produces the largest range of innovative, research-led propolis oral health products in the UK. These products have been developed in conjunction with the Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering Science at the University of Bradford, which include:

Propolis B-Gel

This is a ground-breaking oral healthcare product. Its formulation harnesses the power of nanotechnology to create a bio-adhesive gel for targeted action in the mouth.

Propolis is naturally antiseptic and antibacterial. It’s full of antioxidant flavonoids, chemicals found in plants and trees which provide a wide range of health benefits.

Dr Shankar Katekhaye, Director of Research and Quality at BeeVital explains “Propolis based bio-adhesive gel is a ground-breaking nanotechnology-based product, scientifically formulated for its targeted action. The natural ingredients such as mint help to reduce gingivitis & dental plaque. Propolis has antibacterial & anticaries properties, exhibited especially by Pinocembrin (a type of flavonoid present in propolis.)  Pinocembrin acts as an agent against the cariogenic (causing tooth decay) bacteria Streptococcus mutans.

Propolis Oral Patch

Working with the university of Bradford, BeeVital have developed a prototype for a propolis impregnated patch able to stick to the oral mucosa whilst slowly releasing its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory propolis chemicals.  BeeVital is now looking for major funding to develop this product commercially.

BeeVital also produce a range of other propolis oral health products such as

Taking Care of Your Own Oral Health

Prevention is Better than Cure

Taking propolis regularly helps whole body health in a holistic way, boosting your immune system and helping with infection or inflammation when these occur.

Patients are now encouraged by practitioners to take care of their own oral health. Preventative dentistry is a major public issue and oral hygiene is high priority. Like many natural medicines, propolis works most effectively as a preventative measure, but can also be effective in treating oral conditions and diseases if these occur.

Conventional Treatment & Propolis Treatment

Many ingredients in traditional dental products such as mouthwashes, breath fresheners, chewing gums and toothpastes are raising health concerns, for example:

  • Alcohol in mouthwashes and rinses
  • Synthetic colourings
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Tooth whiteners containing peroxides & derivatives
  • Synthetic & some natural flavourings
  • Foaming agents such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate & others
  • Synthetic preservatives
  • Fluoride

There are a number of propolis products which can help maintain correct oral health, including:

Regular use of these products can help prevent the development of plaque, caries (tooth decay) and general inflammation.

Propolis can also be used to treat other oral conditions and diseases, such as gum disease, mouth ulcers, bad breath, cold sores, lichen planus, oral candidiasis, and abscesses.

Propolis Toothpaste Infographic

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