GFL, BeeVital’s Quality Guarantee

GFL, BeeVital’s Quality Guarantee

One of the big challenges consumers face when shopping for propolis supplements is a lack of standardisation. With our Guaranteed Flavonoid Level (GFL) standard, BeeVital aims to solve this problem.

Flavonoids are the key component of propolis. Plant and tree resins are packed with flavonoids, which are naturally occurring chemicals supporting the tree’s health. Bees use these resins to produce propolis, which in turn contains high concentrations of flavonoids. Flavonoids, along with other compounds called phenols, are what make propolis a powerful natural medicine.

Propolis helps with various health issues, including:

At BeeVital we want to give consumers all the information they need to make an informed choice about the natural health products they buy. Quantifying the flavonoid levels in our products is a key part of this. This is why we established the GFL standard.

BeeVital Whole Health Range

Independent Verification

BeeVital is an organisation with research at its heart. We have an in-house laboratory with a comprehensive range of tools and equipment and highly qualified staff. However, in order to be as transparent as possible we use a third-party lab for flavonoid analysis.

Intertek are based in Germany. They provide laboratory analysis for food and health brands. One of their areas of expertise is bee products, which is why we trust Intertek to undertake our flavonoid analysis.
We believe that by using an independent lab it gives consumers the reassurance that the analysis of our product is objective and open to scrutiny.


Many brands hide behind their figures without publishing their data in full. At BeeVital we have chosen to make our research and analysis public. This means any claims we make can be easily checked.

We also make it easy for consumers to make sense of our Guaranteed Flavonoid Level figures. Our flavonoid levels correspond to those found in a single capsule. Other manufacturers aren’t so up-front, making it difficult for consumers to directly compare products from different brands.

Finally, we publish our analysis documentation, provided by Intertek, in full on our website. If you’d like to see the data which validates our claims, you can do so by visiting

GFL Propolis Capsules Now Available

Our pots of 60, 120 and 300 Propolis Capsules are now all labelled with their flavonoid levels. Supporting data is published on our website.

Currently, our capsules are rated at 30mg/capsule – which is 4x more than another leading brand who publish similar statements in the UK!

BeeVital Guaranteed Flavonoid Level

We are excited to be planning a roll out of our GFL standard across the rest of our Propolis range throughout 2023.

Why is Guaranteed Flavonoid Level Important?

Propolis is a natural medicine for the 21st century, but consumers need to feel confident about using it. Quantifying the flavonoid levels provides multiple benefits:

  • It gives consumers clarity about what they’re buying
  • It enables comparison between products and brands
  • It holds companies accountable for the quality of their products
  • It enables consumers to manage their dose effectively

Our GFL (Guaranteed Flavonoid Level) standard sets BeeVital apart from the competition. It demonstrates our commitment to quality and enables consumers to compare our products with others. My hope is that our GFL standard gives consumers confidence to try Propolis and experience first-hand how effective it can be.
- Jack Barber, Managing Director of Nature’s Laboratory Limited

About BeeVital

BeeVital was established in 2002 by leading Propolis expert, James Fearnley. Over the last 20 years our team has spearheaded Propolis research, in partnership with leading universities. In particular we have looked at how propolis can help solve the problem of antibiotic resistance.

James has contributed to over 30 research papers on Propolis and is the founder of the International Propolis Research Group (IPRG). He is also the author of two books on the subject of Propolis:

BeeVital is part of Nature’s Laboratory Limited, a pioneering natural health company based in North Yorkshire. We’re committed to the future of natural medicines and the creation of healthy organisations.

Alongside BeeVital we also run Herbal Apothecary, a leading manufacturer and supplier of herbal medicines, and Sweet Cecily’s, which manufactures natural skincare.

For more information, please visit our websites:

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