How to Soothe a Sore Throat

How to Soothe a Sore Throat

Sore throats are a common symptom of coughs and colds – often caused by viruses. A sore throat can be very uncomfortable. The inflammation can make swallowing painful. In this post we explore 4 natural options for soothing sore throats. These are:


The antibacterial properties of honey are well known. Made by honeybees from nectar, honey is a delicious sweet treat – perfect on toast or crumpets! Honey has been eaten for thousands of years. Evidence suggests that humans have always gathered honey as a rich source of energy. Honey is high in natural sugars, providing the calories we need for our brains and bodies to function well.

Honey has been widely used as a natural remedy for skin complaints, applying to wounds and burns and even helping with tooth decay. Its antibacterial properties are well documented.

How to Soothe a Sore Throat with Honey

To soothe a sore throat with honey you could try adding a couple of teaspoons of honey to hot water, with a slice of lemon as a soothing drink. Repeat as often as required.

Alternatively, you can use honey as a natural sweetener in herbal teas. Herbal teas can also have a soothing effect, as many medicinal herbs are anti-inflammatory. Why not try:

Essential Oils

Essential oils are widely used to treat repiratory illnesses. They are made by extracting the volatile oils from plants and flower, through a process of distillation. We’ve written before about treating coughs and colds with essential oils. Lots of health food shops and high street pharmacies stock a selection of essential oils – often called aromatherapy oils.

How to Soothe a Sore Throat with Essential Oils

The easiest way to soothe a sore throat with essential oils is to add a few drops of oil to a bowl or mug of hot water. Place the mug or bowl on a table and lean your face over it – breathing in the hot steam. Cover your head and the mug with a large towel, this will trap the humid air and amplify the effect.

Lots of essential oils have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. You could try thyme oil which is known to calm tickly coughs, reducing the painful agitation of a sore throat. Rosemary oil is known to relax the muscles in the throat, reducing the tension you might be feeling. Cinnamon oil has been seen to reduce the growth and multiplication of bacteria in respiratory illnesses. Eucalyptus oil is antibacterial. Research demonstrates its ability to help the body deal with infection. Another option is peppermint oil – this can help relieve the congested stuffy feeling you might be experiencing.

Sore Throat


Ginger is an amazing natural remedy. It is anti-inflammatory, it supports the proper functioning of the immune system and it protects against pathogens and infection. Root ginger is readily available in supermarkets and greengrocers. It keeps well in the fridge and is a great addition to curries!

How to Sooth a Sore Throat with Ginger

There are several good options. Firstly, add a few thin slices of root ginger to a cup of boiling water, peraps with some honey to sweeten it and for added anti-bacterial effect. Leave it to stew for 5-10 minutes before drinking.

You could try peeling the skin off the root ginger and then chewing on a piece around 2cm in size. Root ginger has a very strong flavour, so this might not be for everyone! It’s fine to swallow the ginger as it turns to pulp, or spit it out once you’ve had enough.

Ginger tea bags are another good option. Perhaps not as effective as tea made with fresh root ginger, but a good alternative. Lemon and ginger tea is a popular choice and available in most supermarkets these days.

Adding ginger powder to meals is another way to benefit from its properties. And given that cayenne or chilli pepper can also help soothe a sore throught a hot curry with plenty of ginger might be just the ticket!

Finally, ginger capsules are available in many health shops. These contain pure powdered ginger and are a great way to add ginger to your diet, especially if you’re not a fan of the flavour.

Propolis Syrup

At BeeVital we combine nature’s most powerful natural remedies to create innovative health products. Our Propolis Syrup contains:

  • Elderberry which is highly antioxidant and rich in vitamin C
  • Liquorice which is antibacterial
  • Ginger to bring soothing warmth
  • Thyme to suppress tickly coughs and tackle respiratory bacteria
  • Peppermint to relieve congestion
  • Honey which is antibacterial and soothes inflammed throats
  • Propolis extract which is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

Developed by our in-house research team lead by Dr Shankar Katekhaye, our Propolis Syrup contains everything need to naturally soothe a sore throat.

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