Natural Skincare with Propolis

Natural Skincare with Propolis

We all know how important it is to eat a healthy diet. The food we consume has a direct impact on our health – as well as our general sense of wellbeing. We know we should avoid heavily processed foods, and that a diet which includes a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy fats and protein is best. The same goes for what we put on our skin. But what does ‘natural skincare’ really mean, and how can you be certain that the skincare products you choose are actually doing you good?

At BeeVital we’re research-lead. This means that our products solve real-world problems in scientifically proven ways. For decades we have lead the way in propolis research, working with universities to explore the power of propolis. Our founder, James Fearnley, is a world-renowned expert on propolis. His book contains key findings from propolis research projects undertaken in recent years.

When it comes to skincare, we know that propolis is a key ingredient. It’s something which will make a real, visible difference too the health of your skin. Let’s explore some of the reasons why propolis is great for your skin health.

Propolis is Antibacterial and Antiseptic

Propolis is produced by honeybees from plant and tree resins. These resins act a bit like the plant’s immune system – protecting it from infection and healing wounds. After harvesting, these resins are stored in the hive and processed by the bees – creating propolis. Propolis is a sticky substance, the bees often use it to seal up holes and cracks in the hive. But it’s also one of the most potent antibacterial substances known in nature.

This is because propolis is high in flavonoids, a group of natural chemicals which provide wide-ranging protection. Propolis prevents bacteria from forming biofilm. This reduces the capacity for bacteria to multiply.

Adding propolis to your skincare can help protect you from bacteria. This is especially helpful for those who work with their hands outdoors, such as gardeners and builders. All those little cuts and grazes can quickly become infected. A propolis hand cream or gel can protect the skin and help promote healing.

Propolis is Anti-inflammatory

Another common skin complaint is inflammation. This can be caused by damage to the skin in the form of cuts or grazes. It can also be caused by conditions such as acne and eczema. Propolis is a natural anti-inflammatory. It works to limit the impact of harmful enzymes which cause capillaries to leak blood into the surrounding tissue.

Using propolis as part of your daily skincare routine can greatly reduce the redness associated with inflammation. Those suffering with acne, eczema and other similar complaints often report a rapid and obvious improvement in their skin health.

Propolis is Anti-allergen

Skin conditions can sometimes flare-up due to allergic reactions. Eczema, for example, is thought to be caused by exposure to allergens. This could be things like pollen. Propolis is known to work a natural anti-histamine. It helps the body by protecting cells from the acids which seek to break into the cells, causing damage and inflamation (see above).

Natural Skincare Ingredients

Our Propolis Cream is made from natural ingredients – formulated by our team after years of research. Our in-house chemist Shankar says:

“Propolis is renowned for its beneficial effects on skin. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It fights acne, protects skin from free radicals and can heal UV-induced skin damage. It has become the preferred natural skincare product by many dermatologists.”

Shankar Katekhaye

We also produce a beautifully scented Propolis and Lemongrass Soap, which smells absolutely amazing! Again, this is made with natural ingredients – and propolis extract.

Finally, our Propolis Lip Balm is made with beeswax and orange extract, which smells great and promots skin health.

Conclusion – Use Natural Skincare Products with Propolis!

Whether you’re looking for a moisturing cream, an everyday anti-bacterial soap or a lip balm to soothe and protect, propolis is a vital ingredient for effective natural skincare products. Backed by our scientific research and produced with care in small batches by our dedicated team, BeeVital skincare products harness the power of propolis for your health.

One final recommendation. Skin complaints can often be a symptom of other conditions – which are perhaps more well hidden. If you have a skin complaint or condition which seems hard to resolve, have you considered taking propolis in tablet or capsule form? Our Propolis Capsules contain high potency pure refined propolis which is easily digested. High in flavonoids, the body can quickly benefit from the wide-ranging healing properties of propolis, potentially clearing up skin conditions from the inside out!

BeeVital Propolis Cream

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