Propolis Tincture as First Aid

Propolis Tincture as First Aid

When we cut ourselves, our first port of call is usually the first aid kit. You know the routine. A good rinse with plenty of clean water, applying some antiseptic cream and then a plaster to keep the wound free from infection as it heals.

But did you know that propolis can be used as a highly effective first aid treatment for cuts, grazes and stings too?

Recently, Barbara who volunteers with The Herb Society shared this post on Instagram – demonstrating the use of Propolis Tincture as a first aid treatment for a rather nasty-looking cut.

A Natural, Plastic-Free, Sticking Plaster

Propolis is naturally sticky – being made from tree and plant resins. In tincture form the healing chemicals which exists within the resins are suspended in alcohol. When applied topically to a cut or other kind of wound it dries out. This produces a very effective seal around the wound, providing a physical barrier which prevents infection.

But propolis is also highly antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, both of which are properties which make propolis a key tool in your first aid kit.

Propolis is packed full of flavonoids, a collection of chemicals which provide various kinds of biological benefit. For years the antibacterial properties of propolis have been well known, and thousands of scientific papers have been written which demonstrate the capacity of propolis to keep infection at bay.

When we harm ourselves our body often becomes inflamed, as the immune system reacts to the damage (or infection). This inflammation can be helpful – primarily because it is a key part of the healing process, with white blood cells being delivered to the source of the harm. However, too much inflammation can be harmful, an over-reaction which can ultimately do more harm than good. Propolis is anti-inflammatory, help keep the inflammatory process under control, reducing the swelling which can occur and relieving discomfort.

Propolis Tincture

At BeeVital we produce Propolis Tincture, which is alcohol based. However, we also produce 2 non-alcoholic versions, which have slightly different applications.

Propolis Liquid is suitable as a direct replacement for Propolis Tincture, for those avoiding alcohol. Water Soluble Propolis Liquid is exactly what it says – water soluble! This means it’s easier than the other options to combine with a liquid such as juice or herbal tea, for consumption. This is preferable in some circumstances.

Natural First Aid

Propolis makes fantastic natural first aid. Sealing wounds, keeping out infection, reducing inflammation – and with no nasty chemicals. Why not add a bottle of Propolis Tincture to your first aid kit – you’ll be surprised how often it comes in useful!

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