Guarenteed Flavonoid Level

Propolis contains around 50% plant and tree resins, which contain high concentrations of flavonoids. Flavonoids are the natural chemicals which give propolis its medicinal properties.

Quality and Efficacy

At BeeVital we want to produce products which are both high quality and highly effective. To that end we have developed a standard which enables us to offer a Guaranteed Flavonoid Level - a key indicator of quality and efficacy.

Initially this standard only applies to our range of Propolis Capsules, but we will be applying the same standard to products across our range in 2023.

Accurately Measuring Flavonoid Content

In order to demonstrate transparency and accountability we have chosen to use a third-party laboratory to undertake our testing. We have also chosen to publish our analysis data in full, so that it can be scrutinised by our customers.

Lots of companies make claims about their products, without providing data as proof or explaining their methods. At BeeVital we want our products to be recognised for their high quality and effectiveness and part of that means making our findings available and understandable.

Flavonoid Analysis

Below you'll find links to our flavonoid analysis documentation, along with the batch numbers and products which the analysis relates to.

Product Type Batch Numbers Analysis Flavonoid % Resultant GFL
Capsules (700mg) B0711 Download 5.6% 33.6mg/capsule

When calculating mg/capsule we account for 600mg of propolis powder blend in the capsule, deducting the weight of the vegetable cellulose capsule itself from the total weight of the capsule.