The Herbal Docs

We’re Haris and Adam, 2 medical doctors from the UK with a passion for herbal and lifestyle medicine.

We qualified as doctors from Newcastle Medical School in 2019, after which we completed 2 gruelling years as foundation doctors.

We realised pretty early on that there was something wrong with western medicine. So we dug a little deeper, spent hours upon hours educating ourselves and finally realised this:

Prevention truly is better than cure!

That is why we created The Herbal Docs. To spread the knowledge we’ve learnt and raise awareness on how to improve your wellbeing with lifestyle changes.

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Dr Adam

Medical Doctor and Co-Founder of The Herbal Docs.

I grew up addicted to sports and the outdoors in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. By the age of 18, the lure of hedonistic lifestyle took over and I enrolled in a medicine degree at Newcastle University.

In my five years I was lucky enough to widen my cultural horizons through swim teaching at US summer camp and completing a medical elective in Belize. By comparing these lifestyle experiences with our regular hospital placements, I soon pondered a path to wellness in stark contrast to that seen in mainstream medicine.

By addressing the five root causes of diseases with dietary modification, herbal and plant based medicine, meditation and movement: we can increase our overall health and longevity.

Nowadays, I work as a middle grade medicine doctor, study a masters in clinical herbalism, play sports and catch up with family and friends.

Dr Haris

Medical doctor and co-founder of The Herbal Docs.

The Herbal Docs is an educational resource that uses evidence-based science to uncover how we can use the environment around us to improve our wellbeing. To understand this however you must know a little of how the journey began.
Let’s go back to medical school.

After having completed years of intense anatomical and physiological studies that I was given the opportunity to choose a module to study. Little did I know at the time, but the decision I made that day would change my life.

I took the decision to study a module named ‘complementary and alternative medicine’. During this module, I was given the opportunity to experience a range of therapies and philosophies that were completely new to me. I explored the world of:

  • herbal medicine
  • learnt about the importance of diet and nutrition
  • experienced the powerful effects of meditative practices and exercise

So that began this exciting journey I hope you can join me on. I am passionate about how we can change our lifestyles in order to improve our quality of life. I believe we should increase our focus on addressing the underlying problems that lead to chronic illness, rather than only treat the manifestation of disease.