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Pollen Granules


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Give your body a nutrient boost with natural bee pollen granules. Bee Pollen is high in Vitamins A and B, as well as minerals including iron. It's also a great source of protein an fibre.

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BeeVital Propolis
BeeVital Propolis
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Give your body a nutrient boost with natural bee pollen granules.

Pollen Granules are high in Vitamin A and Vitamin B, which are responsible for things like energy production, immunity, growth and vision. Pollen Granules are also contain minerals like zinc, iron and magnesium and they are naturally high in protein, with as much as 2g per tablespoon. That’s more than beef, chicken or eggs!

Simply sprinkle over your morning cereal, stir into yoghurt or porridge. Altnernatively use Pollen Granules in smoothies, baking or as a topping on fruit salad. Adding Pollen Granules to your daily routine is a great way to benefit from one of nature’s most nutrient-rich superfoods.


Pure pollen granules collected directly from the hive and dried.


125g amber glass jar with screw top lid.


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Key ingredients

Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen is one of nature's most nutrient-rich superfoods, crammed full of vitamins and minerals, protein and fibre!

How to take

May be eaten on its own or added to food – particularly good on breakfast cereals or muesli.

4 key benefits of propolis

Propolis is anti-inflammatory. It has been widely used to treat wounds, reducing inflammation and promoting the body’s natural capacity to healing itself.


Honey bees use propolis to guard their hive from infection. It is antibacterial, acting as a kind of immune system, and it appears to have the same effect in humans too!


Propolis has been shown to have antifungal properties, making it suitable for treating fungal infections in a natural way, both topically and by consuming capsules, tablets.


Research has shown that propolis is antiviral. It inhibits the attachment of viruses to human cells, helping the body defend itself from viral infection.