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Pollen Granules
Pollen Granules
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Pure pollen granules collected directly from the hive and dried.

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Worker honeybees made bee pollen from pollen gathered from flowers. It is used as the primary food source for bees in the hive. Bee Pollen contains sugars, protein, vitamins, and minerals along with some fatty acids. It is sometimes called bee bread and is stored within the cells of the beehive. The bees seal it into the cells using a drop of honey. It is harvested as a supplement for humans in a similar way to honey. Scientific research continues into its health properties.


Pure pollen granules collected directly from the hive and dried.


125g amber glass jar with screw top lid.


In the UK

How to take

May be eaten on its own or added to food – particularly good on breakfast cereals or muesli.


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4 key benefits of propolis
Stress relief

Helps decrease tension and increases resistance to stress. Made with 8 active ingredients for full support during times of stress and anxiety.


The nutrient-dense formula provides ongoing and initial benefits.

Mental health

Supports normal psychological function.

Healthy regime

Beneficial nutrients not usually found in a regular diet to complement any health regime.

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